(PRINciple of COating) was founded in Science-Based Industrial  Park  Taiwan  in  Sep  1983 and Specialized in the development  of thin-film  technology. With minimal external technical assistance or additional support, the dedicated and innovative PRINCO  engineering  team  has built its technical reputation as  a leader in thin-film technology. Through those years, this research and development oriented company has achieved one success after another.

In Addition to Tool-Coating, PRINCO is also heading to his goal step by step as a world-famous optical disc manufacturer. In year 1990, the 1st optical storage product, the compact disc (CD) went into mass production. During the 90's, many products such as laser disk (LD), Magneto Optical (MO), Compact Disc Recordable (CD-R), and Compaq Disk Re-writable (CD-RW) went into mass production. Until now, CD-R and CD_RW of PRINCO still possess a great deal of market share among the world.
Furthermore, in year 2001, the latest products of Digital Optical Division, Digital Versatile Disc Recordable (DVD-R) and Digital Versatile Disc Re-rewritable (DVD-RW), went into mass media production successfully.
Those two products have become the highest stars in the optical disc field.

Now PRINCO still concentrate on upgrading the technology, quality and capacity of its products in order to satisfy customer demands. In the Future PRINCO will also continue to expand its operations to reinforce its position in global markets. This global expansion will ensure that the company is positioned to profit the vast opportunities that these world-wide markets represent and will continue to strengthen and grow.

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